Day 123

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I don’t think I have the strength to write to you any longer. All my ink has brought, is more pain. All my words, nothing but grief. Not a single syllable has given me any relief.

Looking back on these letters, they only represent pain. Nothing more, nothing less. Each one, has been a curse on its own, a beautiful one at that. Most of all, looking back at these letters, they are but a testament of the beauty that is Love.

Love brought Sincerity and Passion to these letters, without which, I could not express myself. That very same Love will end this. With Love, comes respect. And out of that respect for you, I will not dwell on this any longer. With Love, comes understanding. And out of that understanding for who you are and where you stand, I will step away.

Love brought me emotion beyond comprehension. And so without being able to comprehend, I will move on.

Looking back on these letters, they have shown me how true Love can endure. Through heartache, through sleepless nights, endless draining notions of what could have been. Love endures.

These letters have been a reflection of myself, of the person that I truly am. I have not understood you any better, but I have better understood myself. And that in itself, has been an important lesson.

Know that every word that I’ve said, every emotion that I have expressed, has been nothing but truth. Know that I have never loved anyone before You. Know that I intend to Love again, but it will not be Our love. So as I have started with a heart full of Love, I will end this, with Love.

My heart was yours to keep, but you did not want it. My Love was yours to have, but you did not treasure it. My eyes were for your only, it did not look at another.

Every tear I shed, was for you only. Every step I took, was towards you, never farther. Every thought, every wish, was only for the best. Your happiness, all I ever really wanted.

I am sorry that I loved you, I never meant to.


Yours Always,