Yours Always

by markvnathan

My Dearest Reader,

Yes, you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. I would also like to take this chance to apologise.

These past months have been tough. The emotional burden of writing these letters have truly drained me. I very much intended to complete these letters and know that in my heart, I will always continue. Unfortunately, penning them down is a different story. In order for me to find myself once again, I will let go of what I’ve held so dearly, for so long.

For the many who have read these letters. If there was any way you have related, I wish you peace. I wish you the freedom that I have craved for so long. If my words have caused any pain, I ask pardon. If my Love has brought back memories of someone you once loved, know that I never meant to.

For the heart strings that were plucked, for the tears that were shed. I am truly sorry. For cold hearts that were untouched, for the many who were not moved, I salute you. Your strength, something I admired greatly. Something that I envy. But I also wish that you will one day experience such beauty, such pain.

Love can mould ones character, change ones path. There is nothing more powerful in this world.

I part with you for now, but I won’t be too long.  Until I write again.


Yours Always,