Day 133

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

It was half past twelve on a Thursday afternoon. It was neither hot nor humid, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The flowers were in bloom, the trees swaying in a light breeze. It wasn’t any ordinary day, there was something different about it.

I had arranged to meet someone. I was calm and collected, not a hint of nervousness. I walked into the lobby of a grand hotel and as I stood in a corner, my eyes began to wander. I watched, as an old couple sat in each others embrace. A child, as she ran into her mothers arms, but I felt nothing.

As I searched the room for her, my eyes were caught on but one person. She was Beautiful. Her hair, her eyes, her sun kissed skin. Her lips were dry. Her gaze, captivating.

I had not seen such a Beauty in all my life.

At that very moment, my heart stopped. Time froze. It was not like the movies or a romantic novel. It was real. The air in the room had become thin, it was hard to breathe. My slowing pulse resonated in my ears, like the beating drums of a civil war charge.

A drop of sweat leapt upon my brow and a weakness crept up along my spine. Never had I experienced such a flurry of emotions. Never, had I lost control.

The pull of a thousand suns could not keep my Heart from her. There was no force on earth or the heavens above that could have saved me from that one moment. On that very day, a mountain was moved. A star had fallen from the sky.

She turned to me and with a smile that jolted my world back to a start. You said “Hello“.

Three hundred and sixty five days ago, you walked into my life. I will never forget.

Yours Always,