Day 120

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I have tried to employ anger, I believed it to be the only way to deal with this. But I can’t, not with you. I am Sorry. I truly am. What I felt last night, I cannot explain.

I believed I was upset with you, but I have only realized that I am upset with myself. I was convinced I did it right, but I had only made a mess from the start.

I am on the edge. I can’t seem to understand what is wrong. This need to understand, to make sense of where we are, what we are, is exhausting.

From heartache to heartache, I travel on a broken path. It has always been filled with obstacles, with much pain, but I kept walking. This path has been treacherous, it has brought me nothing but grief, yet I can’t seem to get off it.

This path is paved with shattered hearts, sharp as glass. The tears that have been shed form a stream, quiet, but ever flowing. Hopes and dreams fall from the trees like autumn leaves, as the cold air carries whispers of broken promises.

So, I turn my heart to stone, there is no other way I can get past this wretched Love. I do this selfishly. I do this because I Must.

Yours Always,