Day 114

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

It is hard to imagine how I had lived without you thus far. It is hard to understand why I can’t do without today. I miss everything about you. This Curse they call Love, is an unbearable one. Yet everyday, many of us bear it.

It is a beautiful thing, Love. On the coldest of nights, a warm blanket. The cool salty breeze of the ocean, in the heat of the afternoon sun. It is the smile on the face of a child, as he responds to a wink. The chuckle of an old lady, as her husband whispers to her, cheeks red with embarrassment.

It could last a lifetime, or just for a moment. Time becomes but a number, it has no place with this emotion. Seconds turn to minutes, hours to days and you are left wondering why life had robbed you of such feelings. Such ecstasy.

I too once wondered why I was not given this gift. But I was. I experienced Love differently.

It is the smudged mascara on her face, as she takes the last train home. It is the insatiable desire to rip your heart out, because the pain has no end. It is the endless hours of crying, the pain of the unfamiliar. It is knowing that you are now alone, not knowing how to recover.

It is the feeling of being lost, a labyrinth with no sight of hope. It is the endless battle between heart and mind. There is no victor, not in this fight.

With whatever is left of me, at this very moment, I choose to Love you entirely.

Yours Always,