Day 112

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I did not expect to meet such a person. She was captivating. Her character was unique, her laughter, contagious. I know but her name and the endless laughter that we shared this night. I could not help but to steal glances.

The guilt from my love for you did not allow for much more. But now that hope has Left, I am liberated. Know that my heart still belongs to you, she has not stolen it. A part of me wishes she would.

If this should be anything, I will take a chance. If this should turn to anything, I will not hide with fear, I will embrace it. Everyone deserves a chance. I was not given such a gift, but I won’t rob another of such.

For the very first time, I have loved completely and I have learned. With true Love, there are no temptations. There are no second thoughts, no doubts. They are the rising and setting sun, a person you could not do without. What tomorrow may bring, does not make you fear, for the one you love is beside you.

For when I am with You, I am safe, I am strong. I’m braver when I’m afraid, calmer, when I worry. With this vulnerability, there should be fear. But Love does not allow such an emotion. Instead, I trust You completely.

And as such that you do not feel the same way as I. Let me take this chance. I ask for your permission knowing you will not answer. I ask for myself, I ask because I Must.

Yours Always,