Day 110

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

When I find him, I will hunt him down and I will not spare him. I will drag him to the depths of hell myself if needed. I will trade my soul to the underworld if they will but keep him there without cause. Years, centuries will pass, but he will never see my face again.

Some call him Hope.

I have yet to face a foe such as he. He was a friend. He whispers ever so lightly in my sleep. He invades my dreams without permission, my heart, without reason. He places but a seed and it grows ever so quickly.

Like a weed it captivates my soul. It feeds on every thought, every emotion. It feeds until it grows no more. And when it has reached its prime, it wilts. As it dies, it strangles my beating heart, my will, my battered soul.

He has shown me no Mercy, he should not expect any less. He has shown no Remorse, neither will I. He will pay for the heart wrenching pain that he has caused me.

And before I pierce him with my arrow, I will remember. I will remember him for the moments he stood by me, for the moments he lifted me up. Then, as the twang of my bow resounds into the cold dark air of the night, I will wound him.

For he was once a friend, now, my greatest foe. But my loyalty does not die so easily.

Yours Always,