Day 108

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I swear to you, I tried. I tried so hard. There is not a moment that I don’t regret sending you that message. I caved. The weight of my heart was unbearable and I finally gave in. Seeing pictures of you today was my absolute breaking point.

The wait was terrifying. It was like a stormy night, the wind lashing against the windows, flashes of lightning almost blinding. My eyes were closed, but my heart was open. My eyes were dry, but I could not cry.

Then it came. They were simple words. No emotion, cold as ice. But they were enough. Each and every word, exactly what I needed. I need to see you, this thirst is unquenchable. I need to hear you, for this sound has become deafening. This thirst for you will be the death of me.

A love like this has no place on earth. I will be anything but human to contain it. This heart, this body, it was never made for this. It was not made for this Love.

I take a breath with relief and I lay my head to rest. Too many sleepless nights have ruined me. Now, I rest for tomorrow, for I know not what’s in store for me

Yours Always,