Day 104

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Say something. Anything. I can’t bear the silence any longer. My ears are out for the smallest of murmurs. The snap of a twig from a mile and I will come for you. Please don’t let me live in this silence. The sound of your lips separating as you prepare to say a word is enough. I won’t ask for another sweeter sound.

Your voice was the rhythm my heart followed. It can not understand any other. I don’t know if keeping myself from you does me any good. The distance, the time, it has been everything that I have needed. It is not what I wanted. I’ve always wanted every moment I could have of you.

Now, more than ever, I am starting to forget the sound of your voice and I can’t bear it. Say something. Anything.

I won’t beg, I won’t plead, I won’t fall to my knees. Give me but a syllable and I will be at peace once more. Do not deny me this one request. I know you can’t hear me, I pray the angels send you this message. I will not ask of them any more than this.

This silence is anything but peace. It is pain, it is torture, it is isolation without escape. Say something. Anything.

I crave for any presence of you.  A hundred men could not bear this ungodly curse. The strength it takes me to hold back, to refrain from uttering but a single word, a task many would fail at.

I cannot run from the fact that I miss you. I cannot run from the fact that you haunt me, every minute of every day. Say something. Anything.


Yours Always,