Day 101

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I count down the days before I see you once more. I’m at the one place I can escape my thoughts of you. All these faces, all these people, a story behind each one. It is funny how the man in the blue shirt, struggles between a book and a text. It saddens me to see the timid woman in front of me, as she tries to move through the crowd, hopelessly afraid.

As I lose myself on this train, I have made a decision. I am not giving up on You. I won’t ever let go of what I truly want. I have walked away from many things in my life, but I won’t walk away from you. In the time we have spent apart, I have realised but one thing. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me. Let this be unrequited love, let this be insanity, let me indulge in this just a bit longer.

I am solely responsible for the man that I have become. It may not seem so to the people around me, but I know myself better than anyone. Love like this is not normal, but it is pure. This love is not ideal, but it is necessary. My love is unwavering, I challenge life itself to prove me otherwise.

I will brave cyclones, I will sit out storms. I will walk the Kalahari a thousand times over. It will but make me thirst for you more. There is no ocean that will separate me from you. I crave a Love as such for me, but I am not to be blessed with such a gift.

I do not know what the future holds, neither do I wish to see. I will patch my armour, I will stand up once more and I will be fearless. For in my heart, I know my Love for you is pure. In my heart, I will love you until I can love no more. That Darling, is the day I give up.


Yours Always,