Day 98

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I am slightly intoxicated once more. It is not from the alcohol, but on the very thought of you. Night after night, I hold myself strong, but not tonight. This time, I choose to stupidly love you once more, wholeheartedly, without doubt.

Tonight, I choose to play a slow song. My arms around your hips, we sway with the wind, the sun setting in the horizon. Tonight, I run my fingers through your hair. Your head on my lap, as I kiss your crinkled forehead and I imagine your smile.

This moment, I speak only the words I want you to hear, words that will leave you breathless. This moment, your eyes stop my heart and in a moment of ecstasy, I am free.

This very minute, reality hits. The song stops, my arms are left empty. There is no wind, no setting sun. My lap is bare and my lips are dry. I have words, but no ears to set them upon. My heart still stops, I am still breathless, but I am imprisoned once more.

Yours Always,