Day 97

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

She was a distraction that was not meant to last. A simple exchange of words between us and it was over. Within mere minutes, I thought of you once more. By the end of the day, I found myself comparing her to you, finding every excuse to let you go. But I could not.

She had a soothing smile, one I could have gotten used to. A neutral accent, something I was quite fond of. Her hair was blonde, short at the neck, always tied in a bun. She was tall, her height was perfect, a good fit for me I would think. Her laughter, was like any other, nothing special.

She had a funny way of walking, I wondered if it was her heels, but I doubt it. Her long lashes were further accentuated by her dark mascara. Her kind eyes, they never met mine, I never allowed them to.

She is perfect in every sense. Every woman is. Just not for me.

To me, she was no compare. Not to you. She didn’t have a smile that lit the darkest places of my heart. She did not have the voice of an angel, one that would guide me in the dark. She did not have long brown hair, wavy and smooth. She was an inch too tall, unlike you. Her laughter was not contagious, it did not make me smile. It was not memorable, not vivacious, not by a mile.

Her footsteps were not silent, they lacked your grace. I’m ashamed at this comparison, it’s not my place. But the one thing I could never accept, that I could never forget, she had no ability to hold my gaze.

She did not have your eyes.

Her eyes, they could not bring a raging storm to a halt. I would never lose myself, I could always look away. They were not priceless gems from the lost treasures of the Maharaja’s. They were hardly the piercing eyes of a leopard on the prowl.

She did not have Your eyes.


Yours Always,