Day 96

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

She walked past me twice today. I’ve seen her more often than I have before. Maybe it was because I was not looking. Maybe I was so fixated on you that I forgot to stop and look. In my attempt to stop thinking about you, I seem to have stumbled upon a distraction.

At this very moment, I do not know what I should do. Slowly but surely, I must stop feeling the way I feel for you. It has to end. Living a life like this is a torture like no other.

Before I have even introduced myself, I have already gotten ahead of myself. I ask the crucial question. I find myself asking if she would do the same, if she could feel the way I felt about you.

I want to save myself from the trouble, the pain. I have killed every question, every attempt before it has even formed. Nothing seems to want to leave my lips. In the many attempts today, just a simple “hello” has got me in a spot.

In the many attempts today. I looked away. I walked away.

Yours Always,