Day 95

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

My last letter was a confession. My unhealthy addiction to you has put my world in a spin. In this new world, I have no friends, no family, no rest. I do not eat, I do not sleep, I can hardly breathe.

My life is ruled by vices. My heart, pain. I am crippled by fear. My memories, a reel of film with no end. It repeats, again and again. My every sentence ends with your name, my very life, ruined by the thought of losing you.

I am strong enough to know that my heart will live on. That I have not lost my sanity. I know this to be true. After all, my life has always been a testament to who I really am. My distant memories, a constant reminder of that which I have experienced.

Every curve ball life has thrown, I have hit. I have dealt with every pitch, every player and I have always come out standing tall. You changed the game. With you, there were no rules, there were no curve balls, there was no winning.

With you, I never wanted to play. I always knew you never needed me. I just wanted you to want me.

My heart still beats, but I have no pulse.

Yours Always,