Day 93

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

My heart sank as we parted ways. He is a good friend, a brother, the perfect companion. As we said our last words, as we thanked each other for the pleasure of each others company, little could we hold back the emotion.

I cared for him wholeheartedly, much like I do for You. I love him as a brother, very much like my own. We made our promises, we planned more adventures. In the little time we had, we had more to say than ever before.

My feet were heavy as I walked to my plane, I wished I had something to look forward to. I hate to say this, but in a moment of weakness, I wish I could come back to You.

I sit myself down and close my eyes. Within minutes, the exhaustion from the trip, creeps over me like a vine. Slowly weakening my body, little by little, until my eyes are shut. I wake up mid-flight and in a blur, I whisper your name. It was but a light whisper, I could tell, no eyes were upon me.

As the plane descends and the tires screech to a halt, I am tired. My body may have rested, my mind, still restless. I reach for my bags and I begin the journey home. No arms to embrace me, no lips to kiss me. You did not love me.

Yours Always,