Day 91

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I write this letter under the light of the brightest stars. Orion’s belt itself shines down upon me. We are in the mountain town of Kalaw. The air here is colder, the smell of fresh pine fills the air. It is a town like no other. I feel at home.

I have never wanted you more than I do right now, at this very moment. Like the thief that you are, the thief who stole my heart, you would have yours stolen. Pictures cannot capture the true beauty of what the eye can see. I should know, I was never able to capture yours.

My heart aches at the very thought of spending this moment without You. As I look to the mountain side, a trail of fire lights up the night. Forest fires are common here, a shame, but a beauty on its own.

I sip on my rum, it keeps me warm. To ease my burning lips, strawberries, freshly picked from the mountain side. Its sweetness, reminds me of you. Your smile, your eyes, your soft skin.

I told you last, that I would have a surprise. And so I do. Inle lake is where I spent the morning. It was possibly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Like you have done so many times to me, it happened once more. My heart skipped a beat.

The lake was vast. The mountains, they shadow the lake. The cold waters allow but the base of one brave giant to touch. That mountain, a sight on its own. As our boat caused ripples in the calm of the water, men with nets silently perform an art.

Each casting of the net, a glimpse of history. The balance achieved on one foot, with the weight of a net, a rocky boat, defies the laws of physics itself.

It’s eleven degrees now and I am cold. It was twenty about two hours ago, the shift has kept me awake. As the sun starts to rise behind the mountains, I have but found another moment I want to spend with you.

My arms around you, a blanket to share, the light of the sun to kiss our cheeks. The warmth of my lips against yours and my picture would be complete. You and I as one, even if it was just for a moment, a lifetime for me.

My adventure ends today. The journey back, I do with a heavy heart. My heart yearns for more, but alas, I must return to the life I left behind. Just this time, things are different. This time, I won’t have You.

Yours Always,