Day 89

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Mandalay was beautiful in its very own way. It truly was a marvel, a sight I’ll find hard to compare. The highlight, a palace in the center of the city. It was exactly two miles in every direction, well guarded by the walls, surrounded by a moat.

Every step I took, I thought of you. As much as I’ve enjoyed this journey, it has been difficult knowing that I couldn’t have you right beside me. I know you would have loved every moment, I know I would have made it one to remember, just for you. 

U Bein bridge was probably my favourite. It spoke to me personally, it applied to me entirely. The rumour surrounding the very bridge itself, a testament to love. It was said to have been built for one sole purpose, one of which I admire greatly.

It was a man in love. A man who could not stand the separation between the woman that he loved and himself. It was said that he built a bridge, across the lake, onto the other side, so that he could be with her.

Again, this was just a rumour. My heart believes this is true. I’ve always been a firm believer in love itself. The kind that can move mountains, and sometimes, build bridges.

It was on that very bridge I questioned what I would do for the woman I loved. It was on that very bridge that my heart lingered on you. It was difficult, knowing what I would do for you. It was only more difficult, knowing that I couldn’t. Knowing that you didn’t want me to.

And so my journey continues. Tomorrow, another adventure.

Yours Always,