Day 88

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Sixty miles into my journey and I am content. The city lights start to fade into the horizon behind us. The journey ahead of us is long, almost four hundred miles. We journey to the city of Mandalay, in the north of the country. I have not done much reading, but I always choose to surprise myself.

I do this journey not alone, but with a trusted companion, one I would give my life for. I mentioned him once before, in a letter to you. He has been my guide and my comfort, the friend I need right now.

This is an old city, a rustic melting pot of culture and age. The streets are chaotic, the people, a little unfriendly. There is much to see here, but as the light fades, we choose to retire. Our adventure, saved for tomorrow.

I missed you today. The journey was not the same without you. I could have imagined the laughter, the songs, the play. When you were tired, I would lend a shoulder. When you were cold, my arms wrapped around you.

I would have whispered in your ears, reassuring you. Telling you how glad I was that you were with me, right there, at that very moment. Always telling you that my heart was always yours.

Yours Always,