Day 86

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Yangon, Myanmar. That is where I am today. Waking up to birds chirping, the sound of a rooster crow, truly a refreshing ensemble of sounds. Having lived in so many cities, I have forgotten what it feels like to take a step back.

As the sound of trucks and cars muffle the sounds of the morning, as the birds are done with their morning feed, the sun starts to pierce through the clouds. Within moments, the sun burns my skin. It is the beginning of summer, we are only two weeks in.

A light breeze captivates me, the sound of Church bells, the chants of monks resound on the radio. Down the street a Mosque, one of which makes no sound. Something I am not accustomed to.

Life is slow here, a pace I’d very much like, not something I would enjoy for very long. I think we would both agree on that.

It is a beautiful city, a beautiful country, one of which I can relate to culturally. My past is brought forward and for the very first time, my worries cast aside. Being here has brought calm upon me. My mind, allowed to be free.

At this very moment, surrounded by new friends, ones of which I’ve learned to love already, I know I am in the right place.

We are planning an adventure of sorts and there are moments where I wish you were here. Your suggestions, your opinions, would not have fallen on deaf ears. I would just wait for the approving smile and all would be set.

I know you’ve been here, not too long ago, merely weeks I would say. I know you’ve experienced this beauty, nothing you haven’t seen before. I however, intend to take it a step up. Make my own memories, some of which maybe someday I’ll share with you. Maybe, it will be someone else.

I intend to live. I intend to do it my way, no restrictions, no holding back.

Yours Always,