Day 83

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I spent the afternoon with an acquaintance. A girl I knew, but had never met. She was beautiful, empowered and straight up ambitious. Within minutes, we had connected. Within minutes, she had become a good friend.

We connected, we laughed. Her smile, her laugher, contagious. We both had it tough in our very own way. She was the best company I’ve had in a long time.

Champagne, good food, great chocolate. We enjoyed the simple things, we laughed off our worries. She reminded me a lot of you. In our short meeting, I had learned a lot. Our time was short, but the meeting, meaningful. For me, essential.

I hope I’ll see her again soon. I don’t know when, but I’d like to. I missed you today. But I intend to do so less. I will try, my very hardest. A day at a time, that’s the plan.

Yours Always,