Day 78

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

What started of as a mediocre day, ended with a beautiful night, one of which I won’t forget so soon. It was a simple setting. You and me, sat on a couch, laughing our hearts out. We started talking and before we knew it, the time had passed in haste.

We talked about everything and I learned more about you. The more time I spend with you, the easier it gets for me, the easier it is for me to understand. Tonight I learned that patience is my companion, communication, my key.

For months, I have lacked clarity. Most of all, I have lacked the many values that I so frequently display with others. I have much to learn, I know that now.

Tonight I sleep in peace, knowing that all is well. Maybe it’s not the right time for this. Maybe these letters must be my secret again, just a little while longer.

Tomorrow is another day with you. I will cherish them all, regardless of what happens.

Yours Always,