Day 72

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

It has been a day since I’ve heard from you, not a single word. I wish I was stronger, I wish I could say that I was fine. But I can’t. I refuse to remember the pain I’ve experienced. I can’t go back, I won’t make it a second time.

If I could see you once more, just once, I don’t think I’ll ever leave you. I’d run my fingers down the side of your face, catch those stray hairs as they attempt to conceal your brown eyes. I’d lose myself in those mesmerising marvels of which the world has no compare.

And when I finally take a step back, I’d steal those glances and I’d hide them in the depths of my beating heart. I’d keep you warm on the coldest of nights, my arms around you tight and I’d whisper to you the words of my desire.

My heart tells me to speak, but my mind, not a syllable to fall on your sweet ears. So, I wait patiently. I still pray for your recovery. For you must know that in every moment of silence, in every moment of solitude, my very soul yearns for You. It yearns for your love.

Yours Always,