Day 70

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

As I write this in the light of a cloud covered moon, I am left with thoughts of you alone. It has not been long since we parted, but my heart grows fonder by the day.

I wonder not about the weather, nor the setting of the sun. The scent of freshly baked bread, as I make my morning rounds. I wonder not about the children, playing on the school grounds. I think not of the world, and all its funny sounds.

In our many silences, I think of you. Once in awhile, I make a rhyme or two. As I close my eyes and fall asleep, I think of you once more. I wonder about the little things, the bits that matter to me.

I wonder if it was too cold, if you left your sweater in the car. If you had your coffee, two pumps, it gets you pretty far. If you had enough sleep, if you were still not well. If I don’t know, my mind will surely dwell. If your feet were sore, from all that walking. I’d hold them tight, as you kept talking.

I can’t be blamed, for I just wonder. Maybe I’ll stop, I’ll give it a ponder.

Yours Always,