Day 66

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

The date is set, night of the morrow. I can hardly contain myself as I lie in bed, unable to close my eyes. I wish not to feel this way again, I wish not to indulge in the thoughts of my drifting mind.

As I adjust the cuffs on my best shirt, I can’t help but to feel myself slipping away slowly. You have a hold on me like no other. I am not proud to admit it, but I have chosen a path of complete honesty, so I shan’t lie.

I can’t believe this, so I reach out. I am listening to your voice as I write this letter. Your laugh, your tone, your every word, an absolute joy to my heart. I don’t want this conversation to end, not right now.

But it must, and it has. As I polish my shoes, a revelation. He had my hair, frail eyes, a smile. I did not recognise him. Then, I looked again. He was I. She had brought upon his face what he had longed for ages. Months he had searched for a reason, but found none.

Now, he smiled, he laughed. Not out of the lack of sanity, but of the very reason that was her. The very reason that is You.

I pray sleep comes easy tonight. For the stars shine brightest in the nights sky. They shine because of you.

Yours Always,