Day 65

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I am left in the dark on news of your arrival. I am conflicted in emotion and in thought. But as the hours countdown, I am destined to face the inevitable.

I have struggled too long with this. The hurt, the pain, the insatiable need for an answer. There is only so much I can hide from you before I let it all out.

I am consumed every day by the last words to leave your lips. They haunt me, day in and day out. They show no mercy, they allow me no rest.

I promise you. We will talk. I will take my shield down, but not my breastplate. I will put down my sword, but not my dagger. I will thread carefully, cautiously, painstakingly.

This is my chance, I will take it and you will finally know.

Yours Always,