Day 58

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Two hundred and fifty miles. The distance I put between myself and what I call home. I try and run away from it all, but my memories still chase me, they still linger. My heart, still close to you.

Twenty five. The hours since I last heard your voice. Like a broken record, it still plays in my head. That sweet symphony, brings peace within me.

Twenty seven. The number of hours it has been since I last closed my eyes. I seem to run purely on my fear of facing a tomorrow without you. I can last forever, but only for so long.

Two. The number of days I will put between us. I wish not to talk, hear or think about you. The task may seem small, pointless, easily achievable. But not for me, you know that.

One. I have but one in my possesion, and it still beats for You only.

Yours Always,