Day 41

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

This is my second attempt at a letter to you. For some reason, the first one didn’t seem right. Another night of good company made me think a lot. It made me pause and surmise, something I haven’t done much of. Over the line of shots, the multiple lagers, the constant need to forget, I have overlooked my ability to think straight.

My night has turned to morning, I cannot sleep. My thoughts of you, still linger, still strong. I try and make sense of why that is and for days, it escaped me. Was it us talking again? Was it the fact that you were closer than before? Was I just missing you?

I thought it over and over, minute after minute as the clocked ticked and the sun rose. Then it hit me. It was her. She reminded me of you. It was crazy at first, but it made absolute sense. I start to feel the familiarity of being around you and it scares me, makes me miss you a bit more. She’s a friend, wise beyond her years, comforting beyond understanding.

This day I truly miss you. Why? beyond my understanding.


Yours Always,