Day 40

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

The distance grows shorter and as I write this letter, you’re somewhere, in the air, on your way. Closer and closer, but it changes nothing for me. The distance between us may have may have become closer, but our hearts, never further.

She turned eleven today. The love of my life, the only other girl that ever loved me, the way I love you. As little as she is, she knows what it’s like to love, unconditionally, fearlessly, wholeheartedly. She was wise beyond her years and as she spoke to me, she assured me.

She told me that some people were born to love like we do. It never meant they would love us back, it never meant they would love us the way we loved them. She ended with this;

“Just because someone doesn’t love you, that shouldn’t stop you from loving them any less or any differently”

She was right. I can’t change how I love someone. It’s who I am and it has its consequences, of which I’ll gladly endure.

My heart still belongs to you and I wish I could take it back, I want it back.

Yours Always,