Day 33

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Today, there was joy. Another achievement in my career. In my pain there was joy and it lifted me lightly. I couldn’t wait to get back and write to you. It happened in mere seconds and I was the star in the room. The exact same way, you are the star in mine.

I want to celebrate with you, a bottle of bubbly, a nice dinner, a crazy night on the town. We could have ruled the city as the light of day passed. I a King, you my Queen. But you aren’t here, not with me. Without You, this is no victory, without you, my joy is short lived.

A thousand victories would not match the joy in my heart when I hear your voice. So tell me, what would one do?

At this very moment, my achievements do not mean much, not if I can’t share them with you. I sit here wondering, would you be proud of me? would you be happy for me? Would you electrify my soul with your smile?

You are my trophy. Your heart, your love, would be my single greatest achievement.


Yours Always,