Day 20

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

I found a photo of you today. I thought I had put them all away, but it seems I have fooled myself once more.

I looked at it, I smiled and for a few moments I imagined you. I imagined you and I forgot myself, I forgot about the mistakes I had made. I cast my worries aside, my exhaustion, my fears.

As a child would unto a mother, it felt like I had laid my head upon your lap and for what was a moment of peace, felt the heaviness of my heart slowly seep away.

I had forgotten how it was to be at peace these past weeks. From the moment we met, it was those moments I loved, those moments I looked forward to.

It wasn’t that I missed you today, you were never gone. With that, I have fooled myself again, a lie I will gladly accept tonight. But just this night.

Yours Always,