Day 19

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

It was good to hear from you again. A week without you was like a year in solitude, a lifetime alone. It truly is amazing how you could make me feel this way.

I was conflicted. Hearing from you put a smile in my heart, a spring in my step. The smile did not last and with my last step, I stumbled.

I missed you with every fibre of my contrite heart. I painfully counted the days that I had not heard from you. I drew strength from each passing day, but it seems now that it was not meant to last.

A part of me feels that we were not done, what we had, there was more.

The culprit, Hope. I would hunt the bastard down and put an arrow through his heart. But I am weak, he is powerful. A creature of little mercy, deaf to my cries. He has captured me yet again.

So I begin again, I count the days.

Yours Always,