Day 3

by markvnathan

My Dearest Xxxxxxxx,

Today, I had but a moment of distraction. Christmas was its name. But like I said, it was but a moment. Every carol sung had no joy for me, neither have I felt the spirit of Christmas. My arms, they crave for your touch, my heart searches for your gaze, but like a cold, stormy, winters night, I see nothing but white.

I am not myself when I’m not with you. My joy turned to grief, my smiles to frowns, my song to mere words. It is true what they say about Christmas, being with the ones you truly love. For me, I have all but one. You.

Today I missed you just a little less, but I know surely within my heart that tomorrow will be another task. 

I still love you, with all my heart. 


Yours Always,